Arts, Culture & Entertainment:

Parks, art venues, concert plazas and green spaces are yours at no extra cost.

Desirable cities not only build great gathering spaces – they also find ways to bring them to life all year long. The same will happen at Brentwood. Restaurant tables will extend onto the sidewalks and lively seasonal events will spread holiday cheer. Enjoy live musical concerts in the plaza while the streets animate with buskers and kiosks. An art show might catch your attention one day, while the next it's a craft beer tasting on the new Brentwood Boulevard. The itinerary will always change at Brentwood, but one thing is certain: your social calendar is about to get a lot more interesting.


Brentwood's amazing one-acre plaza offers all this: Celebrations. Dazzling lights. Live events. West Coast design. Exhibits. Pop-up markets. A gathering place. Water play and interactive fountains. Al fresco dining. Signature restaurants. Sunday brunch spots. Iconic names in fashion. Inviting patios. Timeless architecture. People-watching galore. And stunning public art to add richness to this amazing environment.


Brentwood will deliver the most jaw-dropping Christmas events in every way. The most beautiful tree, the most extraordinary lights, the best-sounding carollers and the most spot-on Santa. That’s a guarantee.


Everybody can get behind freshly-picked produce in their morning smoothies. That’s why we’ll partner with local growers to bring you fresh fruit, veg and artisanal goods at a summertime market.


The Plaza has an amphitheatre-style design that throws off some great acoustics. So let’s strike up the band – everyone from kids’ choirs to seeing major headliners when they come to town.


Love VIP film nights? Wine tastings? Fashion shows? Parades? Canucks playoff games projected onto a gigantic outdoor screen? So do we. We’ll create endless fun ways to get together with friends and new neighbours.