Friday, February 10th 2:30pm-10:30pm (last show ends at 1:00 am)
Saturday, February 11th 2:35pm-10:30pm (last show ends at 1:00 am)
Sunday, February 12th 2:35pm-10:30pm (last show ends at 1:00 am)
Monday, February 13th 3:00pm-10:15pm (last show ends at 12:45am)
Tuesday, February 14th 12:15pm-10:30pm (last show ends at 1:00 am)
Wednesday, February 15th 5:00pm-8:15pm (last show ends at 11:30 pm)
Thursday, February 16th 2:15pm-11:00pm (last show ends at 1:30am)

Indulge in traditional concessions or choose from an expanded food and beverage menu featuring fresh finds, savoury selects, delicious desserts and a wide selection of handcrafted cocktails, wines, and premium craft beers – delivered directly to your luxury recliner in one of five auditoriums.

All Cineplex VIP Cinemas guests must be 19+ years old.

Location: Grand Lobby – Level 3

Phone: 604.245.9656